Kertellas Poodles

An Introduction to the World of Poodles at Kertellas

Hi my name is Roger Edward Bayliss.

I have been involved and fascinated by the Poodle since 1960 and have been an active breeder and exhibitor since 1965.

I have shared this interest with my partner Andrew Hoblin since 1985 and would like to thank him for his support during that time in all the ups and downs and great success's there have been.

Roger judging Poodle Club Twine Cites Speciality USA

Roger judging Twin Cities Poodle Club Speciality USA

My education in the breed comes from working and spending time with such great breeders as Mrs Alida Monro (Firebrave), Mrs Phyllis Austin-Smith (Braeval) and Mrs Erna Conn (Montmartre). These three great and dedicated breeders of the past helped and instilled their great knowledge of the breed into me. For this I am eternally grateful and I endeavour to carry on some of their beliefs and ideas in the breeding of poodles.

Great stress is placed on Type, Line Breeding, Temperament and Health Screening of our dogs.

There have been over 100 Champions bred or shown at Kertellas, and many record holders, Group and All Breed Best in Show Winners including :

Top Winning Miniature Poodle Bitch Of All Time
and the only Miniature Poodle Bitch to go Best In Show at a General Ch Show in the UK since 1990.

Cody wins the Res CC at Manchester

Roger was the first ever recipient of The Tom Horner Award of Excellence awarded at the Pup of the Year 1994 presented by Dog World.

We are justifiably proud of our dogs.

For help or assistance or if you require a promising puppy please contact :

R.E. Bayliss and A.P.R. Hoblin
(Breeders / Exhibitors / International Ch Show Judges)


Nottingham UK


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